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  1. S

    I wish I hadn’t dragged my feet on insurance

    Hi everyone. I’m at a loss- I got my baby, Frank, back in December. I kept thinking I would sign up for insurance but I kept putting it off, mostly because all the options were so overwhelming and I don’t have insurance for my other pets. Anyways, since I’ve had him, he’s been treated once for...
  2. beckicu

    Emergency lung problems

    EMERGENCY LUNG PROBLEM! My Oscar who is six years old had been diagnosed early w/heart disease so we've always kept careful watch & regular check ups- his last thorough check up was February 3. About 2 weeks ago he began occasional coughing & would have raspy watery sounding breathing I...
  3. vengasejanis

    Please send Janis some positive vibes!

    I've only ever posted in here once since adopting my sweet baby Janis in July 2015 because I've been so busy taking her to vets and specialists. Janis will be 9 months old at the end of this month, but ever since adopting her she has struggled with her health. Prior to adopting her, she was...
  4. vengasejanis

    New Sphynx mommy with concerns

    Hello everyone! As you've read in the title, I am a new sphynx mom. I adopted little Janis on Sunday, June 12th (she's about 4.5 mos old). I had a couple questions and I'm hoping someone can lend some insight. Janis was diagnosed with pneumonia before I adopted her (she was about 3.5 mos old)...