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  1. Shanebakertat2

    Dobby Pooping Outside of the Box.. please advise!

    So, my normally well-behaved 1 yr old boy, Dobby, has all of a sudden taken to pooping outside of his litter box. The trouble started when he was at my ex gf Krystine's house for a week, when i did some travel for work. She has one of Dob's little sisters from the subsequent litter, about 6...
  2. C

    Bringing our newly adopted naked babies home!

    Hello cat community! My boyfriend and I are driving back home with our two newly adopted 2 year old cats in the backseat! The journey has only just begun for ourselves and Opal and Slayer. Right off the bat they were friendly, loving, and cuddly. Then they were forced into their little carriers...