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  1. A

    Just woke up with cat dropping kitten in my hand!!!

    My cat that I rescued, has just meowed very loud at the side of my bed jumped on and dropped a newborn kitten in my hand!! I got up and she sat back down and proceeded to have 5 more beautiful little wrinkley kittens all but 1 are suckling away and mum is extremely tired! I'm so super proud of...
  2. pocovonloco

    How Old is she safe to get Pregnant?

    Hi, I’m new here, my name’s Louise and my Sphynx’s named Poco (male) and Pitta (female), they’re not siblings. Poco is 10 months old and Pitta is 3 months old. I think Poco’s starting to get horny (I don’t know what is the right term for a cat), and I’m not sure if Pitta is ready, so I...
  3. Javi_ES

    Waiting for kittens...

    So after 60 days... We are waiting for the new babies of the family... We hope so everything is going fine