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  1. Shontae

    Sphynx REFUSES to not pee everywhere

    My sphynx is VERY inbred and has astronomical anxiety. I try to make sure he is loved enough, has access to his water fountain, good food quality and variety, and is entertained. Throughout his life he had struggled with peeing in his litter box. I've tried everything. I test his urine, no...
  2. Catzzzmeow

    Inappropriate peeing/Prozac

    Just thought I would share, hoping to help other members. Our girl Azura has had urinary issues for a long time. She had crystals several times and we put her on urinary prescriptive food. She is finicky about clean litter boxes...we now have 5 boxes 3 Cats and 1 is a litter robot, which...
  3. nerdgirl

    Stressing little guy

    Poor Oscar. I'm currently in Hawaii and he has a cat sitter staying with he and Zoe, but he is having a horrible time. He has been pooping and peeing all over his bed and all over the house. He has never ever done this. She took him to the vet and everything physically was fine. They did...
  4. Gesundheit

    Kitty Prozac

    Have you ever needed to put a pet on prozac? Nym is currently taking it, and it seems to really be helping with her litterbox problems. I resisted prozac for the longest time because she isn't depressed, and I didn't like the effects it had on me when I had to take an SSRI (one year; first...