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  1. Dollypickle

    Healthy American diet ?

    Hi I’ve recently moved to Oklahoma with my sphynx cat from England. In the Uk she was eating a raw chicken diet and was super healthy. I can’t find anything here that isn’t making her sick, is there any raw food company’s or diets someone could recommend that I can get in Oklahoma ? I’m really...
  2. Janie Evo

    Raw food and Petting

    Hi probably the stupidest question ever but my baby was reared on Raw food and has a rwa meat bone and cartridge fine ground mix. After he eats it are we safe to pet him as raw food carried bugs ... Do i have to clean him with soap? So stupid i know but he is licking his paws and trotting...
  3. Annika Laybourn

    Raw vs. dry raw

    So - I've had Hendrix for almost 2 weeks now, and I must admit that I think his poop smells pretty bad. Worse than other cats. It's not runny at all, so let me stress that I dont suspect that anything is wrong. But I was thinking that maybe I could feed him something better than standard overly...
  4. LithiumLittle

    A few random questions

    Now that my Calcifer is finally home. I have some questions on few topics for you veteran owners. 1) these chicken necks I have seen mention of for teething, are you buying them from the supermarket and giving them raw? Or the dried one from pet stores?( sorry if that's really basic, I haven't...
  5. Xandria

    Raw Cat Food Information

    It's done! Until a revision is necessary :p I'll always place a date in the footer to hopefully avoid confusion. Any way... here it is: Raw Cat Food Information (the PDF *updated 6/4/17) and the accompanying Excel Spreadsheet. Thank you, everyone, who helped make this document...
  6. Embracing-Joyx4

    Raw vs. can & smelly poop

    I see that a number of folks feed raw iam curious about this. I would like feedback on why you feed raw and what benefits you see, also why is it that those that feed raw say that kitties poop doesn't smell? I feed a good brand of wet food that doesn't break the bank and their poops are formed/...
  7. admin

    Raw Diet questions

    I would like to start a thread here to help owners understand Raw diet, how to do it, where to get it, prepare it, how much or how often to feed it etc. All of your help would be appreciated and surly help the community, so dig in and throw in your two cents! thanks in advanced!:ThumbsUp: