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  1. LoonyLuna

    Swollen Eyelids

    My poor baby has a swollen and watery eye. It's her left eye only. Over the weekend the redness was coming and going and only the corner was swollen. Her inner eyelids are not swollen. No excessive discharge, but when they got really red they would water more and some small, clear or rust...
  2. Frankieyates

    Sphynx ear redness?

    I haven’t noticed Sid scratching his ears more than normal, but I’ve noticed a couple of red patches inside his ears. They don’t look too sore and they’re probably just from scratching (he’s due an early clean and bath today) but I just wondered if anyone has seen anything like this before? My...
  3. Sketch

    Skin inflammation

    Hello everyone, Since I had my Sphynx last october, I've had issues with his skin the the neck/belly area. He got very intolerant (liquidy diarrhea) to a lot of cat diets. I got him under the care of a vet and now the only thing that seem to work is a recipe made of Hillary's Blend nutrients...