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  1. slimmedtwig

    Black boogers?

    Hello! I'm a new Sphynx owner as of just over a week! I have my brand new baby girl Ursula! If you want to peep her blue, adorable little self check her out here: Login • Instagram I guess, as a new owner, it's hard not to get paranoid about every little thing. However, on the first day she...
  2. carly gail

    Sneezing, decrease appetite, crying, vomiting... help,

    ugh! I wish they could talk to us to let us know when they're in pain. Baldwin hasn't been quite himself the last two days- with a decrease in appetite (still super excited to get his treats though), and keeping me up at night with his meowing (which may be due to the fact his buddy is out of...
  3. carly gail

    Throwing up, sneezing, and wheezing OH MY!

    Hi friends, I'm getting a little worried about my Baldy boy. He's been throwing up a few times a month- now about 3 times just this week. I thought it was due to my roommates cats food, but he hasn't had access to that the last few days and he threw up yesterday. It isn't from eating too fast...
  4. moelleux

    Asthma? Worried about Theo

    My kitty Theo has always had respiratory issues (sneezing, green mucus etc) and vets always seem to blow it off after they run some tests and see his blood work is ok. He's been tested for feline leukemia and FIV. But he's never had a chest X-Ray, which I just called and made an appointment for...