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  1. bakmiauw

    Dark Spots on Sphynx Cat Please Help!

    Hi everyone, ive just recently joined and this is my very first post. I have a 6 months old Sphynx who has just recently started getting these dark spots on her skin and it doesn’t seem to go away. Ive consulted a vet and since they dont know much abt the breed they just decided to try and see...
  2. C

    Help diagnosing skin problems

    Our Sphynx has recently seemed to have some irritated skin on her lower stomach, she had a bath last night and it seems to look even worse this morning. She has an appointment booked with the vets but not for another six days due to it being the holiday period. We have had no dietary changes or...
  3. Hyperion

    Please help! Ringworm

    My poor boy had surgery a little over two weeks ago and five days after that his last set of shots. Suddenly the next day he began breaking out like chicken poxs. We took him back to the vet as these bumps started getting bigger spreading faster than I imagined. They confirm it was ring worm, we...
  4. M

    Is this ringworm?

    We went to the vets today. He is the only Sphynx they have ever had there. They did the UV light test and nothing came up they checked under a microscope and didn’t see anything So they cultured it but it can take a week or 2. They sent him home with “hexzole” wash. Has anyone else has any...
  5. R

    Yeast Spots?

    Hello. New to site. My kitten developed red spots that looked like ringworm. Vet wasn't sure if that or staph infection. He has been treated with clavamox orally for 10 days & bathing with blue Dawn dish soap then applying an antifungal cream for almost 3 weeks. The spots have turned brown but...
  6. L

    Possible ringworm? Pictures include

    hi! We just rescued our sweet Betti. I bathed her in the same soap the lady before did and within an hour a patch popped up. Figured it was a dry patch, I put aquaphor on it and it made it worse and bubble almost. Lady told me hydrogen perxiode, which worked and heeled the first spot. Then two...
  7. Kristen G

    Red blotch on skin?

    hi has anyone seen a blotch like this on their sphynx? Im hoping its not ringworm. Its a single faint red blotch. Previously, he had some random pimples that the vet said was most likely kitten acne. The pimples went away and just today this one blotch came about. Not sure if its something to be...
  8. HerculesSphynx


    I am going away on vacation tomorrow and I am just now noticing my little man's odd spots that have appeared. Does anyone know what these are? My first thought was Ringworm, but I am not sure! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help if you have any idea what this could be.
  9. Lupi

    Sphynx with Ringworm

    I got a new sphynx kitten and she gave my other sphynx and devon rex ringworm(n). They have been on medication for a week ina half now. Wanted to know how long do they have to be isolated? Or can i take them out and still give them medicine? Feel very bad bc my sphynx cried and cries and its...
  10. Luvmisphynx

    HELP! Odd skin rash or bump

    We just just got our sphynx kitten last week. When we got her she had a scab on her back that has gotten bigger and is dry, hard and scaly to touch. It seems to be getting bigger. I brought her to the vet and he was not sure what it was. There is only one but it is the weirdest spot. I have...
  11. layniecakes

    Adverse Rabies Reaction

    Ughh my vet visit yesterday was just terrible. Bones was hissing at the vet, the vet was not helpful in the slightest (** more info below!) and NOW we have a sick kitty from his first rabies vaccine. When we first came back from the vet he was so happy, he couldn't stop purring or loving on us...
  12. layniecakes


    I've been stalking the sphynxlair community for the past few months while on the wait list for my kitten, and while waiting for him to get big enough to come home. He is 11.5 weeks now and will be coming home on Sunday! Him and all his litter mates actually caught ringworm a few weeks ago, so...
  13. moelleux

    Is this ringworm!?

    So, my kitty Theo has what looks to be ringworm on the back of his neck. :-( It's semi-red and irritated and looks a little rash that covers most of his neck. He's all white and he does get little rashes or irritation marks from time to time and they definitely stand out on his skin. This...
  14. Laucol

    Raised mark on skin

    Hi everyone, On Wednesday, I noticed a small orangy mark on Ila's skin. It was just a small mark. Ive been monitoring it daily. Two days ago, it looked like a piece of dry skin came off the center of the mark, so I thought maybe it was just a patch of dry skin. Then today, I notice that the...
  15. Leanne


    Im sorry to bother everyone on thanksgiving but i just need to know...could this be ringworm? We discovered it after taking off her shirt ㅠㅠ we have four other animals so it would terrible if it isㅠㅠ
  16. Kirsty

    Help! My sphynx has 'scars' all over but I think they're something else!

    I bought a kitten. I now believe from someone who I shouldn't. I noticed scars on the way home but hadn't noticed them in the house. Some were round so assumed ring worm scars and started asking some questions. Vet doesn't have a clue what they are and I'm now led to believe by a few breeders...
  17. jasmyn

    Help!!! Skin issues!

    The one on his neck showed up about 3 days ago, i have been putting Neosporin on it and i have no idea what it is! It is slightly raised. He also has what appears to be a rash on his nose as well. Anybody have any options/ideas/advice?? My vet is out of town for awhile and there are no others in...
  18. Sphnxophelia

    Ringworm Scars??? Advice needed

    Hey All, My Poor baby kittens got Ringworm a couple weeks ago and we put on a Cream that healed them quickly. However, Now they have these very dark brown/black spots where ever they had their Ringworm before. Is this Scarring? If not what is this and will it go away? I need to...
  19. prairiesphynx

    Infections from Suckling on ears

    Hello, My 3 month old seal point female shpynx kitten has started suckling on my ear lobes at night and I was curious to know if I could get any infections from her saliva getting into my ear canal? I know it's a silly question but I am just wondering :)
  20. G

    Frustrated and robbed of great experience - ringworm

    Hello everyone! I am new to this forum as well as to the sphynx ownership. I hope we can get some answers to the problems we've had lately. I apologize for posting in two different forum's topics. We saw Ghandi at a Cat Show in Del Mar in January this year (he was almost 4 months old), and fell...
  21. nerdbynight

    Sphynx kitten with ringworm.

    A few days ago, I noticed an abrasion on my kittens head. I assumed it was from play fighting with my roommates kitten. By day 2 he had about 7 or 8 of them. Day 3 he had at least 13. Day 3 we went to the vet, and he was found to have ringworm. Now...I've got a couple of questions I was hoping...
  22. megarot


    So I'm about 99% sure Frank has now contracted ringworm. I saw a tiny round 'ring worm looking' red spot on his back the other day. I decided I would just keep an eye on it and see what happened. Now today there is a new larger red ringed spot on his back. I immediately quarantined him and began...