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  1. dejavually


    I can't even think about the day I lost my piglet to FIP out of nowhere I walked into the vet and left without him. I broke down. My heartaches more then any loss of my life. May his little soul rest in peace I love him so much I have his brother and will breed him so his perfect body and soul...
  2. Wolfgang

    Goodnight, sweet Wolfgang. 14/03/17

    We only had you just over a month but you turned our world upside down for the better. We fell so deeply in love with you and now we look back, we can see that you were ill from the start. FIP ripped you away from us and it truly was the most horrible thing we've ever had to go through but we're...
  3. Amy31


    hey guys, although he wasn't a Sphynx, I just thought I'd share my little baby Conrad who I lost to FIP, he was the most lovely cat in the world, although we lost him a few years ago it still saddens me he was snatched away so soon, I think him and Lucifer would of made the best of friends!!
  4. AimeeFawn

    Escape Artist

    Boogs has been working on this little project for about 6 months now. Time to get the duct tape out and get a new screen door! Sneaky... :bored: How can you be mad at this face though?