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san francisco

  1. S

    Two Sphynx for loving home - Northern California

    I’m extremely sad I need to rehome my two sphynx but I cannot give them the love an attention they need. I’d like if they were rehomed together as they are both six months old and bonded. Although I am open to them going to separate homes if it feels right. The male (Anubis) has all his shots...
  2. TheTopaz

    Looking for vet in SF Bay Area; SF to Redwood City is preferred

    Hi! I am looking for a good primary care vet for my Sphynx. We have had some not so great ones in the past and I am hoping someone in the group might have some good referrals? Looking to find a good vet between SF and Redwood City, California. Also I can recommend Dr. Justin Williams at VCA...