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  1. Drewbee

    Rash and scabs

    My poor baby has been covered in this rash for about 5 months now and my vet is convinced it’s a food allergy but I don’t think it is as I have done everything they have told me to do and it hasn’t gotten any better. The rash scabs a brownish color on the top of his head, cheeks, neck, and front...
  2. Melishia


    Hi guys, My recently adopted sphynx Marvin seems to be developing scabs and tiny bumps on his skin around his neck and mouth. Also, small observation, he seems to have a few blackheads around his mouth. Its been exactly a week since I noticed them. Here's a short history on Marvin. Hes roughly...
  3. Lana Dove

    Face Scabby

    Armani, my 8 years old male sphynx cat started to show face scabs and it lasts few days until the scab falls off. I have been trying to figure out for months by removing one blanket, one cat post, changed water bowl, etc and still he gets face scabs on and off every 2-3 months. I desperate need...
  4. Annubrius

    Scabbing after vaccine?

    Hello, SL! I brought my little boy Nuhn in for a vet check for Upper Respiratory problems last Friday. He gave him meds, along with an antibiotic vaccine to treat from inside as well. It bruised as expected, but after a couple of days, it's scabbed and begun to peel around the edges. I...
  5. bisingular

    Rash on head and neck

    Hello everyone, I’m a fairly new sphynx owner, but not a new cat owner. In about the last week my 10mo sphynx Cynder has developed a rash on the top of her head and back of her neck. It’s tiny bumps that are her skin colour and sometimes pink. There are some on her head that are a bit scabby...
  6. Don Waffle

    Sore on Back after Spay....??

    Hello my fellow Lairians! I love coming to visit here and there and see all these cute little fur-less balls of love! They're all so sweet!! I have a question though, regarding Waffles. She Is 2.5 Years old and we had her spayed last Wednesday. There was an injection site, and off to the...