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  1. FoxMars

    Potential scam!!!

    Or at least a bad person! hello Sphynx loving family! I haven’t been on Sphynx lair really ever before except for when I first got my Archibald in 2012 and was very excited to get immersed in the community! Unfortunately we lost Archibald in February 2020 to HCM, it was the most tragic day of my...
  2. Fayiza

    Trying to figure out if this Sphynx seller is safe to buy from???

    Hey everyone! I’m looking to be a new Sphynx mom :) I found this website (can I name websites if it’s not a cattery???) that sells them and I have been in contact with the the seller. Just found out she is not the actual breeder but sells the kittens for the breeder. I jumped in head first when...
  3. Nadja

    Is this site legit ?

    xxxxxxhairlesskittensI contacted them since they are "moving" and have their cats 40 percent off. They want a wire transfer with western union and live in Maryland Baltimore. I'm just concerned about them being real breeders. How can I check.