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seal mink

  1. SphynxieMom

    tiny little bald spots on entire body, whole life

    Howdy! New member here. Ever since I got my bambino boy (Bo), I have always wondered what his tiny little bald spots were. I got him around 6 months old, and now around 18 months old, they have remained the same as he has aged and his coloring turned darker. They have never seemed to bother...
  2. King Kenzo Bare

    King Kenzo Bare

  3. Annoying lil bro!

    Annoying lil bro!

  4. Cutest Couple Goals

    Cutest Couple Goals

  5. Custom Jumpers from Russia!

    Custom Jumpers from Russia!

  6. Monica

    Twinning with your spouse

    Idc... I love everything about this matching couple! Next, I need to find denim on denim ensemble circa Britney Spears & JT Awards Show look! :0
  7. King & Queen of the concrete jungle

    King & Queen of the concrete jungle

  8. King Kenzo Belly Up

    King Kenzo Belly Up

  9. M

    Hi! My name is Mila :)

    Hi! My name is Mila! I am Seal Mink. I am 12 weeks old :) The humans in the house I now live love me very much.
  10. Monica

    Gotcha Anniversary & Update

    Hey y’all! It’s been awhile! We’ve been living our sphynx fantasy over here. Kenzo’s 1 year Gotcha Anniversary was Monday! He’s healthy & big & in love. Minka is still 1/2 his size, but she’s catching up. She’s also finally getting a hold of the whole ‘meowdeling’ thing. King Kenzo had to show...
  11. King & Queen-to-be

    King & Queen-to-be

    ...jk they’re altered, but can’t you just imagine the kittens!
  12. Big Boi

    Big Boi

    This photo doesn’t do his size justice! He’s 11.6 lbs at 11 months old!!
  13. A true romantic, this guy!

    A true romantic, this guy!

    King Kenzo
  14. King Kenzo’s new carrier!

    King Kenzo’s new carrier!

    Love the fish bowl peephole!
  15. Ocean Eyes

    Ocean Eyes

  16. Window watching on a rainy day

    Window watching on a rainy day

  17. Chain Gang

    Chain Gang

  18. Serial Chiller 2

    Serial Chiller 2

  19. Serial Chiller

    Serial Chiller

  20. Monica

    High Fashion Sphynx!

    I stumbled across these fashion photographs of sphynx (Peterbald & Donskoys? :unsure:) dripping in fine jewels, and I HAD to share!! :love::love::love: It’s from a series shoot done by photographer Daniel Gieseke for a high-end fashion magazine. I think it’s absolutely brilliant. I was so...
  21. LOVE Kenzo’s portrait pillow!!! @memoria.viva

    LOVE Kenzo’s portrait pillow!!! @memoria.viva

    Custom pillow from reclaimed fabrics and vintage doilies.
  22. Sun bathing

    Sun bathing

  23. Halloween 2018

    Halloween 2018

  24. @kingkenzobare_


    Kenzo finally getting used to having a camera in his face 24/7 lol. Poor babes!
  25. @kingkenzobare_


    He looks like a laughing hyena lol.