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second sphynx

  1. kitty41h

    We are adopting a Deaf baby advice?

    We are adopting our second Sphynx on Sunday. He is 6 months old and deaf. He came from a breeder in the UK. to his current owner. He does not get along with her female. We have a male Tiny and a blue russian Fred. I hope this goes well adding a 3rd ...what am crazy cat lady! YESSSSSSSSSS He is...
  2. Marerickson

    Obsessed with my girls!

    It has been almost 2 weeks since I brought Raven home. Zhuri officially loves her so much. They bathe eachother, snuggle together, play together and it is the sweetest thing of all time! I am so happy I decided to get a second baby while Zhuri is still so young! It puts me at ease to know they...
  3. W

    New sphynx transformed our first sphynx into a mean kitty--help!

    Hi all, We've had our first sphynx, Camira, for two years now (got her as a kitten)--she is absolutely wonderful and we don't know what we did without her! Recently we acquired a second sphynx, a boy, one year old, already neutered (named Krieger). We've had him for about a month, and he and...