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  1. Monica

    Different Member Levels??

    Hola! I noticed my member status recently changed to ‘Senior Lairian.’ This got me curious about all the different membership levels here at the Lair! I’ve seen titles like Gold, Senior, Notable, Moderator, etc... Can someone please disclose the various membership levels with a brief explanation...
  2. SphynxMom1993

    What is oldest Sphynx you have put under anesthesia or know of for dental or other?

    I am curious the oldest Sphynx you have put under anesthesia for a dental or other surgery? Is it just Ketamine to avoid? Do they usually do ok on anesthesia? Our Sphynx is 15 years old. We've fed raw for 10 years and our vet said last year and even UT vet school in 2013 her teeth looked fine. I...