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  1. Traci Smith

    CFA Mesa Arizona cat show

    “It’s feline a lot like Christmas”!!! The Mesa Show, December 9-10! Is anyone planning on going? We are for the first time! We gotta love on someone’s cats while we wait LOL!
  2. BlueJune

    Looking for Recommendations

    Hello sphynx mothers and fathers, I'm on a journey to find a reputable breeder in the US who breeds sphynx. I had a sphynx at one point in my life, though short-lived. I fell for her adorable face but received a sick kitten from a sub-par breeder. It's been about 1 year since that happened and...
  3. Nicolemorgan

    Edmonton Cat Show

    Hey Edmonton folks :) I see there is a Annual Spring Cat Show in Edmonton, Alberta on March 19th and 20th. Just wondering if anyone shows any of their sphynx cats (or other breeds) there, or attends the show?