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siamese cat

  1. Gesundheit

    Today is “National Mutt Day”, so here's the question...

    Are sphynx mutts? I’m inclined to think so. Mutts with a wonderful, shared mutation. Especially looking at my girls. Nym has the standard domestic cat look, while Smidget has more of the Siamese muzzle. I hope nobody finds this question offensive. After all, a rose by any other name…etc…etc…
  2. S

    Purebred female Siamese needs a loving forever home

    Mokka Latte, a purebread Siamese 6.5 yr old female, who spent her whole life with the Sphynx companions, needs a very loving forever home due to my changing work schedule. She is healthy, but will need an update on her Rabies shot (had a 3 yr Rabies shot 4 yrs ago). She has a microchip, and has...
  3. Tree Elves

    Tree Elves

  4. siblings


    lola & paxxon