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  1. Sarahstar66

    Sores and Diarrhea - please help

    my Sphynx has had chronic diarrhea for the past week. Her bath night was tuesday. This morning I noticed sores on her sides. Last night she had an diarrhea accident on our rug because it was like she couldnt make it to her box. She is not acting lethargic or “sick” but shes just pooping all...
  2. NevynNoir

    Worried My Young Cat Is Dying

    I have a Bambino/Sphynx who I purchased last year from a local breeder in town. Very quickly after getting him I realized that he wasn't like most cats. It was very clear to me that he had some mental impairments (Im assuming from irresponsible breeding) I emailed a very lengthy email to the...