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  1. @kingkenzobare_


    He looks like a laughing hyena lol.
  2. Monica

    I have a confession...

    I do not like cats.... .... like AT ALL... ... I am a DOG PERSON... who loves Sphynx Whew! It feels good to get that off my chest! :p:) To be entirely honest, I’ve had a couple cats in my childhood. My ex-roommates had cats, my neighbors had cats, and my friends had cats; all furry, all...
  3. Maddie

    What Did I Just Find...? Weird Kitty Products

    So amazon is very useful, sometimes things are just plain bizarre. I can see how this could be helpful but it gave me a good laugh! The poor kitty! What crazy products have you guys seen? Yup, I am down an internet black hole.... There is one for the tub!
  4. Maddie

    Astrid and Her Box!

    So, Astrid has decided she likes this particular box lol. I even get meowed at to move it so she can switch from the window to the couch. So here are some pictures :) Do your babies have a favourite box? Would love to see :) lol
  5. dodocats

    Ghost prank funny video

    Hey Everyone :) How are you guys ?! Hope you are all fine!!!(y) Ok now who wants to see some silly funny video plus some scary effects :p :p Hope you will like it :D Have a nice weekend! ^_^ :nailbiting::wacky::happy:
  6. dodocats

    take a break laugh a little

    Hello everyone :) do you feel that you didn't smile for some time now it's fun time Hope this little video will make you happy and at least smile :D enjoy it :ROFLMAO: