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  1. Bosskitty

    Sphynx alarm clock

    Just out of curiosity what time do your hairless babies wake up? Mine decides he's hungry a few mins to 6am every morning :0
  2. The Sleeping Sphynx Marcello

    The Sleeping Sphynx Marcello

    sleeping right next to his daddy!
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  9. IMG_0728.jpg


    babies all tired out on this Saturday
  10. LeeWoolrich

    How to stop cats sleeping in my bed...

    Hello there, looking for some advice please. I purchased my 2 kitties with my ex-girlfriend (Sienna and Millie). They are 3 years old. During this time we allowed them to tuck up with us at night. So far, so good. The problem is, now my ex and I have split up and I have a new girlfriend. She...
  11. Neph

    A Few Random Questions

    Hi there, I'm new here. I got Nefertari on the 8th and we're figuring things out. 1. What is a good way to discourage bad behaviour? (With fuzzy kittens I'd spray with water but I want Nefertari to like baths, so clearly that's out). 2. She tends to attack everything - cords and plants being...
  12. N

    Sphynx does not eat food

    Hi everyone! I adopted a seven month old sphynx cat. I made a huge mistake. I changed his dryfood. Then he get sick. He started to vomit. In my country no one knows about sphynx cat, even the vet. They said he just cold, then they gave him injection. But he still does not eat anything. And he...
  13. Snug Like A Bug In A Rug

    Snug Like A Bug In A Rug

  14. sleepy cuddles

    sleepy cuddles

    little man
  15. BluesMummy

    My Sexy Little Man

    I took this photo of Blue last night & it really made me giggle so i just wanted to share it & show all our lovely sphynxlair friends who are not on instagram just how manly my baby Blue is !!!!
  16. Imported Item

    Imported Item

    Snuggle bug.