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  1. mochiwhitegirl

    New adult with signs of infection

    I adopted an adult female sphynx just yesterday and she is a lovable doll. However, she's been keeping sneezing, snoring, and having discharges from her eyes and nose. She's showing her third eyelid and I'm not sure is that a sign of infection or she's just asleep. To me, she seems like...
  2. kibaspirit

    Sneezing and Yellow Snot

    All, For a few weeks, Oogi has been periodically sneezing up yellow snot balls. He doesn't have a runny nose or sneeze all the time. In fact, it seems to only happen like 2 or 3 times a day. The snot balls are quite large and I am wondering if it is a mild upper respiratory infection. I...
  3. Lumi


    So I have had Azrael for a few weeks now, and since day one he's had what seems like allergies. He can go hours in a day without symptoms, then he'll run into a new room, and have a sneezy booger attack. I got him from a reputable breeder that is a licensed Vet Tech, but I haven't asked her...
  4. GMPLAX23

    new sneezing

    Hi guys, I am leaning on my Sphynx Family for help! Last night, Tut began sneezing. Its way too much for my liking but i don't know if i am just a concerned momma. I made sure to check and his eyes are clear and his nose dry. I'm hoping by the time I get home from work, he will not be sneezing...