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spa day

  1. Monica

    Aqua Cat

    Anyone else have a sphynx who just loves the tub?? Almost every time after we use the tub, Kenzo will jump in and sit in the warm water while it drains. Sometimes, he even jumps in to join us during our baths! It’s a very surreal experience, sharing a bath with a cat.... Anyone with me? I’m...
  2. Monica

    FIRST Spa Day Advice?!?

    So the ever dreaded, or cautiously anticipated, first full spa day is upon us! ... Maybe... After much research about the breed, I knew I would need to fully bathe Kenzo 1-2 times a month, along with keeping up with weekly nail trims and ear cleaning. So today marks the official one month mark...
  3. Sarahstar66

    Lilith Updates!

    Hello all! Lilith is doing so well. She's really came out of her shell and loves sprinting across the house to pounce on her toys and on us haha. We had our first vet checkup and all seems well. No heart murmurs or other issues. We had our first spa day yesterday (I was going to wait until...
  4. Sarahstar66

    Baby's First Bath!

    My breeder sent me some photo's of Princess Lilith's first bubble bath yesterday and I just HAD to share them. :love::love::love: She was very vocal about her experience, lol. The breeder assured me she passed her first Spa Day with flying colors once she got used to the water. One more week...