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sphinx kitten

  1. U

    Looking for Sphynx Cat in North Carolina, will travel

    Hello, I'm looking for a Sphynx cat. I live in Charlotte, NC. I am willing to travel.
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    Doing everything possible that everyone knows I’m here
  3. Marerickson

    Obsessed with my girls!

    It has been almost 2 weeks since I brought Raven home. Zhuri officially loves her so much. They bathe eachother, snuggle together, play together and it is the sweetest thing of all time! I am so happy I decided to get a second baby while Zhuri is still so young! It puts me at ease to know they...
  4. Binxthesphynx

    New kitten

    Hi everyone , my name is Jess and I am totally new to the world of sphynx. We have had our little white nude sphynx for 9 days now and I am struggling to know what the best shampoo is to use on his skin. He has also come out in brown freckles it looks like on his skin. I have tried to limit...
  5. Danniej

    Sphynx Clothes

    Hey guys, as some of you know my gotcha day is the 8th! I'm curious about where you all get clothes(sweaters and shirts) for you little nakids? I've been told by my kittens breeder that Sphynx can be hard to find a good fit for, so if you have any suggestions i'd love to check out some sites!
  6. Danniej


    Hi! My name is Dannie and i'm getting my very first Sphynx kitten on the 8th! I'll be flying to Seattle to pick her up. Her name is Jinx and I am so excited to bring her home! If you guys have any tips for a first time owner I'd be happy to listen. I look forward to speaking with you all!