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sphynnx problems

  1. Kawiipops

    Adoted 1yr old aggressive/unsocialized

    Hi, any help really appreciated. Last year we sadly lost our 2 boys who we had from kitten, we decided it was time to adopt a new boy. We found Yoshi a very large 1year4 month old sphynx and decided we'd love him to join our family. We were told he lived with 2 dogs which he found stressful and...
  2. VentrellaJr

    Help .... Vomiting & Not Eating!

    Hello everyone Need some type of advice. Marcello who is eight months old stop eating and dry heaves. I brought him to the vet, They found nothing in this x-ray. They think it might be the new kitten? But This started right before the new kitten arrived! He’s Marcella’s emotional support...
  3. BSphynx

    Throwing up/Under weight kitten

    Hello! So I just got my baby boy about a week ago. He’s 4 months old and generally healthy, regular pooping, peeing, eating and drinking. The only things that are concerning me is that he started throwing up in the morning as soon as he wakes up. It doesn’t happen everyday but it’s happened...
  4. colton

    Help!! Bad behavior

    Help!!! I’m am at my absolute end of my fuse. My two Sphynx are great but every single day when i leave for work they always mess up multiple thing in my house, the most frustrating being my nightstand which has my Apple TV, cable box etc on it. EVERY SINGLE DAY they knock off the candle...
  5. Binxthesphynx

    New kitten

    Hi everyone , my name is Jess and I am totally new to the world of sphynx. We have had our little white nude sphynx for 9 days now and I am struggling to know what the best shampoo is to use on his skin. He has also come out in brown freckles it looks like on his skin. I have tried to limit...
  6. themodifieddoll

    I'm scared

    I woke up this morning and something was wrong with Godiva's right eye It looks like a film has formed over her entire eye, including her pupil and I can't get her in to see a vet [I've been calling around since 7am and the earliest anyone could see her is the 28th] Could she have hurt herself...