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sphynx antics

  1. Catrina

    Sphinx Cat Climbing

    I recently got my 2 boys. They are 7 & 3 and the sweetest 2 boys I could ever have hoped for. I have had them about 3/4 weeks now. They are huge climbers and climb on everything they can reach. I have gotten them a couple cat trees but my biggest concern is that they will go on the stove all...
  2. Monica

    Aqua Cat

    Anyone else have a sphynx who just loves the tub?? Almost every time after we use the tub, Kenzo will jump in and sit in the warm water while it drains. Sometimes, he even jumps in to join us during our baths! It’s a very surreal experience, sharing a bath with a cat.... Anyone with me? I’m...
  3. @kingkenzobare_


  4. @kingkenzobare_


  5. Monica

    Kenzo the Cowboy: Photo

    Texas born & raised, and it shows! This was not staged, we were getting my daughter ready for bed, turned around and there’s he was! He climbed up on his own AND WAS ROCKING! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: Puppy-Monkey-Baby for sure! :kiss: Share any unexpected silliness your nakeds do!!
  6. Binxthesphynx

    New kitten

    Hi everyone , my name is Jess and I am totally new to the world of sphynx. We have had our little white nude sphynx for 9 days now and I am struggling to know what the best shampoo is to use on his skin. He has also come out in brown freckles it looks like on his skin. I have tried to limit...
  7. L

    Does kitty like his new toy?

    Please Like and Share My Sphynx Cat New Video
  8. Amy31


    hey guys sorry to be a pest but I need your help! I know some of you voted for lucifer in his Easter comp so thank you! But he's now got some stuff competition from some chickens! My posts don't seem to reach many people so could you all if its not to much trouble please tag some members in this...
  9. lolvo

    New Species of Hairless Cat Discovered!

    Felis laundrymonsterous made its first recorded appearance earlier today. Prior sightings had not been validated with photographic evidence, and had been based on observer accounts of the creature. F. laundrymonsterous appears to be a placid variant of the hairless feline group, but is also...