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sphynx friends

  1. Bosskitty

    Isolation Animal Crossing

    I'm now the owner of Animal crossing on the Nintendo switch to keep myself entertained whilst we're on 'lock down' and I have like one friend on it. If you wanna be little animal crossing friends here is my friend code :) SW-6044-5825-1807
  2. nakednelly

    Does my baby need a friend?

    Hi all, Nelly is now 15 week old, me and my partner are debating on whether to get her a friend? She is the only cat in the house at the minute and even though we play with her as much as we can we both have jobs and we can’t help but think would a play mate be the best? Do sphynxs get on...
  3. Monica

    Seeking IG Friends!

    (Hopefully this is allowed :whistle:) Hola Lairians. I've realized I cannot keep the camera out of my Kenzo's face! I'm thoroughly obsessed, so I started him an IG page a few days ago to share all his adventures and photo-ops. I often upload photos here at the Lair, but I don't want to flood...