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sphynx stories

  1. Kiri

    I'm Kiri, my new old man is Bau

    :cat::cat::cat::cat: Hello All! I'm new to the site :D. My family of 3 just took in a Sphynx from a friend. As this is a site for our hairless creatures, I'd like to tell you his story. I was told by a friend that his friend just got a hold of a Sphynx that was thrown outside. That family had...
  2. Kattie1011

    Bowdie James and Louis Henry

    Hello all, Kattie here! I've been following Sphynxlair on Instagram but obviously just recently joined the community here. So my wonderful Sphynx journey began on April 24, 2013. Flashback--1996 when I first set my 9 year old eyes on a Sphynx in a window in downtown Charlotte, North Carolina...