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  1. André n service cat training

    André n service cat training

    André visits assistance living homes
  2. Tetelemon

    Help NJ/NYC area

    Hey there, I’ve been in love with sphynx cats for so long, had done so much research but never had the opportunity to adopt one, but will finally be able to at the end of January (I know it’s a ways away but in my head it’s FINALLY!). I currently have one cat, she’s about 7 years old and was a...
  3. Tiny little Minka baby!

    Tiny little Minka baby!

    She’s going to be a petite little lady!
  4. Lumi

    In CO looking for my first Sphynx kitten!

    Hello all, I was referred to this awesome forum by a friend of mine! My husband and I just settled down, bought a house, and are finally ready for our dream kitty. We have both wanted a Sphynx from a young age and are eager to add a little one to our family! We have no children, one other kitty...