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  1. OsirisZaGod


    I caught Osiris drinking some dirty dish water out of the sink, I'm unsure if he ingested anything else. He started throwing up at 4 in the morning, threw up a few times, then started gagging up white foam. I fed him some boiled chicken after the 12 hour mark and he ate a bit of it, but he was...
  2. TanyaMeaw

    I am very scared, Please HELP!!!

    I haven't been here in quite a while... And I'm sorry that I haven't been contributing to this wonderful community, i feel awful... I really need your help, advise, suggestions, anything! I think my cat might die... If you have a minute, please read my story, sorry its kinda long... My Nacho...
  3. Blueyz

    I am baffled, can anyone help?

    Hi all, I am the proud mother of two little girls who came into my family's life a little over two months ago. They were rescued from a garbage can, so I have limited information about them prior to them getting to us. They were both spayed and chipped the month they were found. I dont know how...
  4. SarahLovee82

    IBS what are you feeding

    Hey all. Quick question. Those of you that have kitties that have IBS- What are you feeding them (besides raw) to help control things?