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stuffy nose

  1. H

    Adopted cat is sick

    Hello! I finally adopted a 3 year old sphynx cat from a couple. I'm super excited to have her, and she is absolutely amazing. They told me she is about 3 years old. I brought her home 2 weeks ago, and she has been sneezing, has runny eyes and stuffy nose ever since. I asked her previous owners...
  2. newsphynxmommy

    HELP! My Kitty is Always Sick!!!

    My poor baby ALWAYS seems to be sick and I can't tell if I am being paranoid or she really does get sick. My breeder was very reputable and I had her checked when I got home. A week later I brought her to the vet since she had weepy eyes and was sneezing a lot. They treated her for an ear...
  3. celesteandbrina

    Watery eyes/ stuffy nose

    Hello, I'm new to the lair and sphynx breed. I've had my baby girl Sabrina for just over a week now, she just turned 12 weeks today (the 1st.) When I took her to the vet the 1st time, 2 days after I got her she had a minor eye infection in her right eye and was prescribed eye drops. I gave them...