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  1. Pennyluv

    Crusty dry ears possible sunburn

    My sphynx kitten has something going on with his ear it’s very crusty and seems like some of the fur has fallen off he hasn’t been scratching or anything at it and does not seem bothered but it’s been around for almost 2 weeks I’m worried this is a sunburn because my mom often lets him lay in...
  2. M

    Skin problems

    hey, well my sphynx cat have skin issues like sunburns and dots in the head cause he runaway like 3 days, the doctor send us recomendations for his Health but not for his skin so I wanna know what to do to regenerate the skin of my baby :( Please help, im literally crying bcause i dont know what...
  3. D

    Peeling brown skin?

    Doom recently got his cone of shame removed after a surgery. We noticed his face getting dirtier than usual while wearing the cone. We wiped him down a few times, but it didn't seem too bad. The day we took off the cone (day staples were removed) my husband bathed him. We use coconut oil and...
  4. Wig


    Can my sphynx get sunburned through our house windows ? She sits in the sun on her tower a lot during the day .
  5. Tale Grude

    Sunblock and high temperatures

    Hi! I have been looking for sunblock for Kisa and found this: http://www.aniwell-uk.com/horses/filtaclear/ http://www.aniwell-uk.com/files/4813/4433/8804/FC_UK_Info_sheet_07_Better.pdf...
  6. laurenanne

    Advice for new Sphynx Mommy please!

    Hi everyone, I'm so excited- two days ago I reserved a little tuxedo boy from a fantastic Breeder. He's still brand new, so I have four months to prepare for his arrival. One big question I have is the outside issue- we have two cats already and have put up electric pet fencing in the back yard...