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  1. Anansi

    Sun Safety Questions

    Hey, My partner and I are finally in a position to be able to add a Sphynx into out small family at the start of the new year and I am doing as much research into their care as possible, because it's the only thing keeping me sane while I wait haha. My main question was for sun safety since I...
  2. Snapcrcklpop

    Sun Screen

    My boy LOVES to go outside and I'm pretty careful not to let him get too much sun. I want to get him one of those thin uv reflective suits to wear but I need to wait until he's finished growing. Do any of you use pet sunscreen on your kitties? What brand do you recommend? Feel free to link me to...
  3. Wig


    Can my sphynx get sunburned through our house windows ? She sits in the sun on her tower a lot during the day .
  4. laurenanne

    Advice for new Sphynx Mommy please!

    Hi everyone, I'm so excited- two days ago I reserved a little tuxedo boy from a fantastic Breeder. He's still brand new, so I have four months to prepare for his arrival. One big question I have is the outside issue- we have two cats already and have put up electric pet fencing in the back yard...
  5. lucylue

    Is sunblock or sunscreen safe for my sphynx cat?

    I have read that some of you put sun block on your kitties, is this okay?
  6. kerrie78

    Terrible rash all over his body :-(

    Well it is getting to be summer here in Chicago....Has anyone ever used sunscreen on their Sphynx? Not that Kramer will ever be outside without someone with him but if we do go somewhere I would like to protect him; I don't think he would appreciate wearing clothes when it is scorching hot out...