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  1. Misty Lee 123

    Sphynx tan?

    I know the topic of Sphynx, the sun, skin discolouration comes up a lot but I haven’t seen this exact question. Does anyone’s Sphynx get a tan in the sunnier/warmer months? It has recently transitioned to becoming very sunny and warm where I live and my 18mo Sphynx has developed slight ‘tan’...
  2. My Baby, Buster

    My Baby, Buster

    Isn't he a cutie?
  3. kfleisher

    Looking for a home for neutered male Sphynx - Las Vegas

    I have a sweet neutered male Sphynx, (Leonardo Di Catprio), 5 years old, who HATES our new dog. We got our puppy last March, and despite our efforts and hopes that they would eventually work things out, they haven't. Leo urinates and defecates wherever the dog lays, and it has gotten out of...