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  1. Nightcalamity

    Noko Needs Exercise Help

    Hello, Prince Noko has gotten a little too comfortable with his royale status lately. He likes to sit on his throne basket all day without doing much else. I have bought so many toys I can't even begin to keep up with them all. He even has a robotic caterpillar to chase and treat toys. Lately...
  2. GMPLAX23

    Petco visit

    Hi everyone! Tut turned 1 on August first so I wanted to spoil him with a new toy and a trip to the store! He did so well :D He did meow a whole lot in the car but was comfortable in the store. He was great on his leash and meandered (as cats do). The employees were very inviting and interested...
  3. Maddie

    Da Bee... Astrid's new favourite toy

    So, as some of you may know, the company that makes Da Bird make several other attachments and toys. During kitten weekend I picked up the Da Bee and a sparkler attachment. Everything was 50% off. So the Da Been comes on a short sparkle wand and has a metal string. Still has the clip on the end...
  4. Maddie

    Catit Feeding Tower... Astrid's Fight for Kibble

    So, went thrift shopping today.. and found this little jem. I thought it was for balls, could still be but apparently it's for kibble! I looked it up online to see if I could buy the balls I though went in it and saw what it actually is. So far, Astrid has been having a blast! She seems to like...
  5. @wolfgangthesphynx


    The mobile version of this app won't let me add my Instagram link on my profile. Hope you don't mind me putting it here :) @wolfgangthesphynx xx