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  1. Bosskitty

    Transition period

    I'm soon to become a sphynx mum! I am adopting my friends Sphynx, Mouse. I should be taking him home towards the end of the week, I'm so excited I can't wait! He's a previous rescue that my friend saved from a place where the previous owner's dogs would pin him down and bite his ears and sadly...
  2. bmac60

    How to transition to raw

    Hello all, My sphynx Draco gets red bumps/patches and scabs. They seem to be allergy related. They will get pretty mild, then disappear, then come back again. My vet has given him a cortisone shot before and they tamed down. Anyways, I went to a holistic pet shop near me and the owner really...
  3. GMPLAX23

    Kitten to cat food transition

    Hi guys! Tut turned 1 recently so I have gotten him new dry food. I want to keep him at a healthy weight. I feed him 3oz wet food by Natures Balance (pouches) in the morning and leave 1/4 cup dry Blue Basics simple ingredient indoor cat food (duck and potato/open fed) and then another 3oz...
  4. MelissaAlice

    Picky Eaters

    So when I picked Toothless up from the breeder she warned me that she was a picky eater. I didn't think anything of it, Elfie was already on raw and I knew that the transition may be slow but that we would get there in the end. What I didn't count on was just how STUBBORN this kitten was going...
  5. Leigh

    Rehomed 1.5 yr old Sphynx transitioning hard… HELP!

    I'm struggling with my new loves transition! I just brought my baby home from his previous home on Tuesday. The first night he was doing really well, using his litter box as well as drinking lots of water however he didn't eat much. Since then, I find he is still using the littler box and...
  6. stefanie412

    Canned Food Transition

    As you guys know I'm trying to make the switch to raw and the first step I'm taking is getting the babies used to scheduled eating and eating canned food. I'm feeding them Wellness Grain Free Chicken in a can only. I feed it three times a day, they're not happy about it at the moment lol. They...