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transitioning to raw

  1. gollumthesphynx

    The Transition From Kibble to RAWr ;)

    Hi everyone! Hope you're all doing well. I've been reading the Raw DIet threads and have come across some really important points when it comes to transitioning our babies to a raw diet. However, I'm still having some doubts and questions in regard to the full transitional process. So far...
  2. bmac60

    How to transition to raw

    Hello all, My sphynx Draco gets red bumps/patches and scabs. They seem to be allergy related. They will get pretty mild, then disappear, then come back again. My vet has given him a cortisone shot before and they tamed down. Anyways, I went to a holistic pet shop near me and the owner really...
  3. RoxannK

    Picky Sphynx Food

    I've been trying to convert our sphinx girl to raw diet this week. I know it may take some time but so far she does not like ground turkey at all but will pick at and periodically finish a chicken breast meal (both mixed with supplements). I have tried adding broth to both and she nixed...