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traveling with sphynx

  1. M

    Hopeful Sphynx Mom with Questions

    Hello everyone. I'm joining this forum because I've been researching a lot about Sphynx cats for the past couple of years, this forum pops up quite often and seems pretty active so I'm hoping I can be helped with my questions. : ) I've recently realized that my life is extremely empty without...
  2. Bogeycat

    Air Travel UK-US

    Hello, I will be travelling from the UK to the US with my little darling Bogey (2 year old pure bred sphynx) and I haven't been able to find an airline that allows cats in the cabin for transatlantic flights. Has anyone done this? He freaks out (screams, poops, spits) if he even smells another...
  3. Condo commando

    Cat friendly hotels anyone?

    I might have to go out of town for work for 1 or 2 weeks. It's only 150 miles away so not a long drive. I'm thinking of taking the 2 girls with me. Never done it brfore so if it's a bad idea I guess let me know, but otherwise does anybody have any suggestions for finding a hotel?
  4. Tale Grude

    Bringing Kisa for visits

    Hello! Again.. :P I really want to bring Kisa with me to visit my Dad on weekends. I'll be staying there for a few days from time to time and would really like to bring her along. I want her to get used to my dads house so that if have to go away for something she can stay with my dad without it...