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two cats

  1. colton

    Advice for two Sphynx!

    Hello! I posted that I took home Elio a little bit ago and after seeing him and his sister together I really wanted to take her too. Unfortunately at the time she had been reserved and I wasn't able to get her. Fast forward 3 weeks later, of me thinking about her every day, the person who was...
  2. ashleyhope7

    Any advice for introducing a sphynx kitten into my 1 sphynx household?

    Hi all! I have a one, almost one and a half year old Sphynx named Choni. He is my BAAAAABY! We traveled together to Texas for the summer to stay with my parents and I had planned to keep him set up upstairs in my room at all times because they have three furry cats and two dogs and I was...
  3. Elaina

    Do all sphynx sexes get along?

    hi all, been some time since I've posted here all has gone swimmingly with Gabbi! Picture below for anyone interested. My partner and I have just bought a house so we are eager to get our next Sphynx to keep our little girl happy. (Who doesn't love a playmate? ;)) Gabbi is a year old. My...
  4. epo

    Will my 5year old sphynx accept the new cat?

    The new cat is also a sphynx, 1 year old, both sterilized. we had a rescued dog for almost a year, and my cat was okay with him. but im afraid its gonna be different with anothet cat.