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  1. Bosskitty

    Mouse update

    So I’ve now had Mouse for just over a month and he’s settled in wonderfully. He no longer appears stressed or anxious at all. His constant wailing has stopped (however he’s still pretty vocal haha), he eats his meals at a normal rate now instead of inhaling them and has formed a routine with us...
  2. Merlin says Hi!

    Merlin says Hi!

    Just a little update - Merlin and Tansy are doing great. Merlin LOVES this warm weather we’ve been having! Good thing we got film to line our windows... he has sun freckles and spots all over. We hope you’re having a great summer ☀️
  3. Maddie

    Astrid Update....

    Been a bit since I've posted!! So Astrid and I are getting ready to move, I got into the university of Calgary so I have to move off of Vancouver Island. So that'll be fun! Astrid loves a good pedestal lol Ghost Astrid lol Cuddling up the queen size blankets.... The pedestal of boxes part...
  4. Rachael McLain

    General update and ready for Halloween!

    Hey everyone its been way too long since I've been around! I've been SO busy. I'm currently enrolled at Cleveland State University. I'm going full time with 16 credit hours, I'm currently on the executive board of the PRSSA Chapter at CSU, writing for the school newspaper, The Cauldron, and I'm...
  5. Sarahstar66

    Lilith Update and Questions

    Well. Lilith is eating full speed now. Which has led to this: It's really not been *that* bad honestly, but my boyfriend is having a hard time dealing with the poo, period. So just send him some strength, lol. We try to keep a mat under the litter box and I have wipes at the ready. I'm so...
  6. captain_tinky

    Pippin's Back!

    Hey everyone, after a long absence Pippin is back! We've been having so much going on lately, as you may know if you have been following us on instagram! We have recently moved this month after our last neighborhood being shot up and having other no good stuff happen. Luckily the new place we're...
  7. BusterTheCat

    Buster Photos!

    I have had a lot going on recently and been very busy so I haven't posted in a while! Just wanted to update with some pictures of Buster! He is my pudgy boy!