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urticaria pigmentosa

  1. N

    Anyone have any ideas what this might be?

    Hey guys! Brand new here. We got our little Sphynx Nyro around 3 months ago (she is now 6mo old) from a breeder. I think I might have misunderstood her but she told us to treat her for fleas and worms after 3 months. Now it turns out she only meant it to be for fleas, with worms having needed to...
  2. ArlosMom

    UPDATE to original thread re: skin issues with Layla

    Here is the original thread Skin issues with my 4 months old girl--still a mystery! HELP! Wanted to post an update; Layla had bloodwork done as well as a skin biopsy (vet felt it was the best way to get an exact cause and move forward with a potential solution) as she's been suffering waaay too...
  3. B

    Year long skin issue. Help!

    Hello, New member here. Thought id ask if anyone has had this similar issue. Our girl Nyx has had a pretty serious issue with her skin for about a year now. Started out as darker pigment then developed bumps and flaky scabs where the discoloration is. She also gets very oily and leaves brown...
  4. pussiette

    Urticaria pigmentosa

    Does your sphynx have urticaria pigmentosa/severe hive? I desperately need to connect with anyone owning a sphynx with this health problem.