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  1. lolvo

    Found Good Vet in Puget Sound!

    Hey all, Completely by serendipity, I think I've found a good vet in the slightly-south-of-Seattle area. I got a coupon in this month's valpak envelope for South Seattle Veterinary Hospital. I figured since Missy and I will be traveling soon, I might as well get her an annual checkup and shots...
  2. MoBaldock8


    I had a question about vaccinations regarding my kittens. I recently switched vets due to an overwhelming time it takes to be seen by our vet, even in the event of an emergency (sometimes up to three weeks!). I was told by our original vet that you can never vaccinate a kitten in the scruff of...
  3. stefanie412

    Leukemia Vaccination?

    I know there is a lot of controversy surrounding vaccinations. I've already stopped giving the Rabies vaccine because it's unnecessary with both of the babies being inside only. But I was wondering if I should continue to get other vaccines, like the booster and leukemia vaccination? What do...