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  1. dodocats

    Stockholm at Night Timelapse

    Hello everyone!:happy: few days seprate us from 2018 hope the new year will bring you all joy and happiness :cat::cat::cat: This short timelapse of Stockholm the capital of Sweden at night is a good one to end this year hope you will like it:LOL: :):D:ROFLMAO:;)
  2. dodocats

    Warni Warni Dance Cartoon

    Watch this funny cartoon anime dance on Arabic Kurdish mix Omar Souleyman Warni Warni musik Funny Dancing Video
  3. dodocats

    Wonderful Hinduism Festival in Poland

    Hello Guys :D Today I hope you will like the Hinduism festival in Poland video ^-^ Amazing Hindu dance on the beaches of Poland with beautiful music Darin Ta Mig Tillbaka
  4. dodocats

    Russian Folk Dance Spanish Mix

    Hello Everyone :) Watch this Russian folk traditional dance with Spanish Music Beautiful Mix video Enjoy it ^-^
  5. dodocats

    Jewish dance funny video

    Good Morning Everyone :) Today I will show you this funny Jewish dance video very beautiful traditional dance on the famous hits Rasputin by Bone M :D Enjoy it
  6. dodocats

    Love is Life Romantic Tender Moments

    Love is not only something you feel it's something you Do! David Wilkerson Hello Everyone :) This time I would like to introduce you to this short emotional video Love is life a short romantic show describes the romance and the warm sensual tender moments in relationships! Hoping this time I...
  7. dodocats

    Hopeful Life inspirational video

    They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for.Tom Bodett Hello Everyone :D With the past quote I like to start this topic :p Today I would like to boost your optimism with this wonderful inspiring video...
  8. dodocats

    Color Therapy Get rid of Anger

    Hey Everyone :) Today I will show you this relaxing video based on studies of color therapy understand the psychological offects of the colors on the mood of people using simple techniques with calming soft images and light music to help you to get rid of Anger and Anxiety using the color pink...
  9. dodocats

    Adorable hungry puppy video

    Watch this little cute hungry puppy eating milk happily adorable dogs video pet lovers you will like it Hope you will love it :D
  10. dodocats

    Dancing toys fuuny video for kids

    Hello Again :) We all like to laugh a little bit so what would you do when you see dancing toys :p Yes it's funny and silly video and for sure your kids or grand kids will feel happy and glad to watch it :D Enjoy it ^-^
  11. dodocats

    Ghost prank funny video

    Hey Everyone :) How are you guys ?! Hope you are all fine!!!(y) Ok now who wants to see some silly funny video plus some scary effects :p :p Hope you will like it :D Have a nice weekend! ^_^ :nailbiting::wacky::happy:
  12. dodocats

    cute kitten playing video

    Hello my friends how are you ? how are you spending the weekend? now how about a cute kitten playing and having fun video she is so adorable little cat playing and discovering an old sandal hope you will like it :) take care till next time :D
  13. dodocats

    cute Reindeers dancing

    Hello everyone :) what's up hope you are all fine :cool: so guys did you see a dancing reindeer :woot: an australian photographer was lucky enpugh to capture these lovely reindeers dancing happily something must watch so funny and cute reindeers enjoy it :p :D :hilarious: hope you will like...
  14. dodocats

    take a break laugh a little

    Hello everyone :) do you feel that you didn't smile for some time now it's fun time Hope this little video will make you happy and at least smile :D enjoy it :ROFLMAO:
  15. dodocats

    how to bond with cats

    watch how to bond with cats in few seconds very adorable cat people you will love it :)