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watery eye

  1. mochiwhitegirl

    New adult with signs of infection

    I adopted an adult female sphynx just yesterday and she is a lovable doll. However, she's been keeping sneezing, snoring, and having discharges from her eyes and nose. She's showing her third eyelid and I'm not sure is that a sign of infection or she's just asleep. To me, she seems like...
  2. Kaitlyn Ramsay

    Quick Question

    Hey guys, long time no speak! I've been working hard at school so I keep forgetting to check in :(. Monty has been doing great, he volunteered with my at a student mental health fair and let stressed students give him cuddles and lovin'. He was such a good boy, I'm training him to be a therapy...
  3. Sphnxophelia

    What's wrong with my kitten's eye?

    Hey guys, I'm having problems (Again!) but with my kitten McFly this time. He was born on August 2nd, So he is only 7 weeks old and His left eye looks like it may have Conjunctivitis or Uveitis in it. But that's just my opinion, and I was wondering what you all thought? He...