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weight concerns

  1. wesleydeman

    Is this 10 month old boy overweight?

    So I already had a male Sphynx cat in the past before my current one, but in his adulthood I wouldn't consider him a big heavy Sphynx cat. I would say he was about average for a cat. Now I have 2 new Sphynx cats since May this year, they're brother and sister currently 10 months old. Here are 2...
  2. sailormoonsault

    I Have a Chubby Sphynx - Help!

    Hey everyone! I have a sphynx that I rescued from a really bad home situation about a year ago, he is now 2. The diet he grew up with wasn't the proper one for his breed so when I got him he was kind of overweight because he was eating non-stop and his digestive system was all messed up. He's...
  3. A

    Weight control for my chubby boy

    My male pickles has always been a big cat but I weighed him today and he is 16 lbs. I know it’s too big for a cat so I need advice for weight loss. I have another cat who is about ten lbs. my little guy Ralph loves his dry food and doesn’t eat much wet food and my big guy Pickles loves wet...
  4. Nicky00

    Worried about size of my kitten

    Hi! I night just be a worry wart but I'm concerned about the weight and size of my kitten. She is about 8 months old and is only 6lb. The doctor says she has great muscle tone but she is just so tiny! She eats like a horse and is a food thief so I know she is getting enough to eat. Plus she has...
  5. Anna W

    My skinny boy needs to gain weight

    My 12 year old boy just got his yearly check up. He got an excellent report after a very thorough work up. He has HCM but it’s mild and hasn’t progressed in years. He’s got a clean bill of health but he’s lost weight slowly over the years . He’s still at a healthy size at 9 lbs but he looks...
  6. MycatisFreyja

    My baby Freyja is here!

    We got our kitten on July 4th, 2016 and she was born in March. She is such a ball of energy even after being spayed, but we love her. Our transition from homemade raw to a commercial raw brand was as seamless as her transition to being an only child. She is so cuddly and lovable, I don't...