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  1. newsphynxmommy

    HELP! My Kitty is Always Sick!!!

    My poor baby ALWAYS seems to be sick and I can't tell if I am being paranoid or she really does get sick. My breeder was very reputable and I had her checked when I got home. A week later I brought her to the vet since she had weepy eyes and was sneezing a lot. They treated her for an ear...
  2. stefanie412

    Canned Food Transition

    As you guys know I'm trying to make the switch to raw and the first step I'm taking is getting the babies used to scheduled eating and eating canned food. I'm feeding them Wellness Grain Free Chicken in a can only. I feed it three times a day, they're not happy about it at the moment lol. They...
  3. Dallassummer

    Overweight Sphynx

    Well.. Simba is almost 15 pounds! Nala is about 7. They both have the midriff sag. I don't want Simba to get any bigger. I can't take away their food and portion it right now because I live with my mom and she has her own cats. She wouldn't go for it. Right there they free feed on Wellness Core...