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  1. Rens

    cold winter nights

    Hello everyone! I can gladly say since my last post, our girl Saoirse no longer agressivly attacks our hands, and has become more well behaved! ^^ our next concern though.. it's getting colder over here, and in Belgium the costs for electricity, water, gas has skyrocketed and we plan on being...
  2. dodocats

    Deer Running in the snow Sweden HD

    Hello hello! :happy::happy: please allow me to share this video with you :whistle: I hope that won't bother anyone here:shame: Enjoy it :sleep::sleep::happy:
  3. Miss Beck

    Static electricity

    Does anyone have any suggestions on eliminating or controlling static electricity on thier Sphynx, thier blankets & sweaters? With the heat on for winter and the air dry, it seems like EVERYTHING Prunella touches shocks her. When I pull ger blanket off, zip, crackle, pop! I feel so bad. I've...
  4. dodocats

    An Evening ride in the Swedish Winter

    Hello Everyone :happy: I hope you are all fine! how it's winter with you :cold: today I will share with you this little ride in the Swedish suburbs but in winter see the beautiful snow:cool: Hope you will like it (y)