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  1. dodocats

    Deer Running in the snow Sweden HD

    Hello hello! :happy::happy: please allow me to share this video with you :whistle: I hope that won't bother anyone here:shame: Enjoy it :sleep::sleep::happy:
  2. Miss Beck

    Static electricity

    Does anyone have any suggestions on eliminating or controlling static electricity on thier Sphynx, thier blankets & sweaters? With the heat on for winter and the air dry, it seems like EVERYTHING Prunella touches shocks her. When I pull ger blanket off, zip, crackle, pop! I feel so bad. I've...
  3. dodocats

    An Evening ride in the Swedish Winter

    Hello Everyone :happy: I hope you are all fine! how it's winter with you :cold: today I will share with you this little ride in the Swedish suburbs but in winter see the beautiful snow:cool: Hope you will like it (y)