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  1. Yana and Osiris

    Blisters and wounds on heels due to lack of fur

    The picture says it all, Osi's heels are always hard and dry and I'd say flakey, understandable, he doesn't have fur there, but today it looks worse than ever before. Should I do anything about it ? (I've sprayed it with vetericyn)
  2. Yana and Osiris

    Question for Black Sphynx owners

    Morning everyone. I really would love to hear from more experienced moms and dads how you treat scars after the wounds have been healed up? I find them very noticeable on black skin. And afraid Osiris will eventually look like he wound go through a meat grinder machine, and I will be suspected...
  3. Elaina

    Sphynx back leg sores??

    Hi all, Gabbi is nearly six months old Up to date with all injections Had a check up with the vet since coming home to me 2 weeks ago I've noticed these sores on the back of her legs? (It's more on the back of the legs, where her legs bend to sit down) Is this normal for a Sphynx? I'm quite...