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  1. H

    yeast/ringworm/fleas help

    hello! i have 2 naked cats and have had them for 4/2 years and never had any health problems or needed to bring them to vet besides first vaccines years ago. I recently adopted a stray kitten who of course had fleas!!! :( which i wasn’t educated on bc my cats never had before. next thing u kno...
  2. D

    Help! Black dots all over my boys stomach

    Always something new with my boy I’m not quite sure what this is. This is AFTER two baths, one with Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo and scrubbing with a mit, he used j&j his whole life, he’s 2 years old now. Then when I noticed this, I made him sit with a prescription shampoo on for a bit then...
  3. M

    Any help welcome - Problems with Skin and Bathing

    Hi All, My name is Melissa and I am a first time pet owner in general and kitten mom to an adorable hairless kitten born in July. I am struggling with just about everything regarding skin care and bathing and unfortunately my vet doesn't have answers for me. I gotta say I feel like I'm really...
  4. R

    Yeast Spots?

    Hello. New to site. My kitten developed red spots that looked like ringworm. Vet wasn't sure if that or staph infection. He has been treated with clavamox orally for 10 days & bathing with blue Dawn dish soap then applying an antifungal cream for almost 3 weeks. The spots have turned brown but...
  5. Nicolemorgan

    Cat Litter

    We currently use Worlds Best Cat litter. We have no issues at all with it, and the sphynx cats use it no problem, and we find that it's not too bad with dust and good for clumping etc. The reason I put up this post, is I see some people mentioning yeast infections that are associated with the...
  6. SphynxHenry

    Yeast problem

    Can anyone help with suggestions?? My 1 year old male sphynx has been having some serious issues with yeast. Last month he suddenly got bad yeast on his face , neck, chest, front arms, and paws. We took him to the vet and he was placed on antibiotics, and recommended for us to soak him in verbac...
  7. ElinOline

    Yeast and bacterial infection

    Hey! As I miss seeing pictures of different skin issues, or I am very bad at searching when I'm curious about something. I just want to share this picture with you of Mika. We brought her to the vet today as she had developed a miscouloring or rash on her chin. The vet took a skinsample and...