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adult cat

  1. jankrachi

    Best wet and dry food?

    Hi all! I’m new to the community and have had my lil guy for almost a year now! I’m looking to switch him from royal canin kitten food to adult food and was wondering if there’s an overall consensus of what the best wet & dry foods are? I’ve tried doing research but it’s very overwhelming and...
  2. Tashamills13

    Looking to rescue or adopt and adult Tampa,FL

    Ready for a cat again and we'd like to provide a loving home to an adult Sphynx. We are outside of Tampa in Brooksville, FL.
  3. Laurwadz

    Buying a rehomed sphynx? Thoughts, tips, suggestions?

    Hello all! I have been in search of an emotional support animal and after extensive research I’ve fallen in love with Sphynx. My preference is to have an older cat and I found someone rehoming 3 hairless cats, 1 of which is a 4 year old male. They are asking $800 for a rehoming fee, he is fixed...
  4. Adam

    ISO of a naked looking for a new forever home

    Hello all, Me and my partner are looking to provide a naked with a forever home. We live in the DC/MD/VA area and are more then willing to travel to provide a good home. We would MUCH prefer to adopt then to buy from a breeder, which is what brought us to your forums. We are a child and...
  5. Monica

    Don’t judge me...

    To passs the ever-so-slowly moving time until Gotcha Day... ... I went on my breeders FB and obsessively went through her entire post/picture feed over the last 4 years and basically tracked down my kitten’s family line from kitten to adulthood . That’s normal right?!? On mom’s side, I was...
  6. Melcap

    Looking for calm adult sphynx or donskoy

    hello, not sure if this is the right place to post this or not - I'm in the US and have a calm female that I think is lonely, I would like to add a calm adult (preferably male) to the house instead of an energetic kitten. Where do you search for this? kittens seem to be a dime a...
  7. NaomiIndelicato

    Rescued and returned a sphynx in January, now owner wants to give it to us.

    Hey there! So January 2017 we heard a cat making awful noises outside (sounded like a baby crying!!!) and went outside to investigate. It was one of our colder nights here in Canada with the temp hitting around -30C (-22 F) so I was very surprised to find a naked kitty under our snow covered...
  8. Lydia

    Adopting a 6 year old Sphynx

    Hi everyone! New Sphynx owner here! I'm adopting a lovely little (not so little as she's 6 years old) girl in a week and I just wanted to touch up on a few questions. 1. So any tips as to help to adjust her to a new home? She's been living with the same family for 6 years but they just got a...
  9. ldlewis45

    Question for those of you with an older cat and a kitten.

    Gotcha-Day for my baby isn't until the end of July, but I'm trying to prepare now. I've got an older cat (8ish, not sure because he was an adult when I adopted him), so I'm trying to figure out how the feeding situation is going to work. Right now, he gets a scoop of dry food when I go to bed...