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  1. S

    Allergies and food

    Hello, I did not want to make too many threads so I decided to ask these questions at once. I’m allergic to cats i want a Sphynx so I’m going to get one despite the allergies. I get runny nose, red puffy eyes if I scratch them and I also cough. I don’t believe I sneeze and I do not have...
  2. Sarahstar66

    Dealing with pet allergies?

    I have read on countless threads and websites that Sphynx are in no way hypoallergenic. But at the same time, most people also mention that their Sphynx bothers them/their loved ones less than coated cats. I have had a numerous list of allergies since I was younger. Including being severely...
  3. ElinOline


    Hello! My sphynx Mika has gotten a rash, or more like bumps under her "armpits" and stomach. I have been to the vet with her and she thought it was some kind of allergy. She is her normal self, playful, eating normal. No diarrhea either, just bumps on her skin. So I am wondering if someone has...